Advantages of WPC Boards

A long life – The WPC board has an excellent performance. It is anti-UV rays, waterproof, anti-cracking and mothproof. This board has a much longer life in comparison to the wood board. It can last from 20 to 30 years.

Environment-friendly – The WPC board is made using plastic and flour and no toxic chemicals are added when it is processed. It is environmentally rated in the EO class, which is by far the most rigorous environmental standard. It is also recyclable. You can recycle it after use. It has all the features of green environmental protection as well as sustainable development.

A low maintenance cost – It has a significantly low maintenance cost. The board is manufactured in various colors as per the requirement of the customer. Hence, it does not require painting. But if you want to, you can also paint later on.

Fire-retardant properties – The flame retardants are added to it during the manufacturing process, so it is non-flammable. It has a high security.

High strength – After a long time of use, sometimes we can notice the outdoor flooring of the wood cracking. However, in this case, the WPC board does not crack since it has a good strength, and it can withstand even lots or pressure.

A low cost – According to the request of the customer, the board can be made of any length. However, the wood is usually round shaped so a lot of it will be wasted during the process.

Very slight color difference – The surface of the wood is glossy, but the aberration is small. Soon WPC board will replace wood flooring because of its many advantages.

Trend Polymer Composite Boards are made from 70 percent of virgin polymer,15 percent of wood powder and rest 15 percent of additives and requisite chemicals. Colour-Beige Size: 2440mm*1220mm/8ft*4ft Thickness: 6,12,17 & 18mm.